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50 Doodle Hand Drawn Brushes Bundle Rar ((LINK))

Turn to these 38 hand-drawn Illustrator brushes & 9 patterns, containing all sorts of strokes you must love (straight and rough outlines, dots, and dashes, stippling, hatching) on your images, dreamy motives of fir trees, moose, giraffe skin, and high-flying birds.

50 Doodle Hand Drawn Brushes Bundle Rar

The pack contains 68 brushes for Illustrator, seasoned with a clean, modern style of contemporary illustrations. Even though they're no-stretch, the lines turn out to be soft and clean anyway, which adds a handicraft feeling.

The collection brings 23 hand-drawn Illustrator brushes in two versions, and they recreate the original frames and borders used in print of the 1890s-1940s. Just pay attention to the vintage vibes they convey, the amount of time they save, and all these tiny details!

Sometimes it's just impossible to make hatching and texturing look light and natural, it's so annoying! Take a deep breath and look at what we've got: hand-crafted free Illustrator brushes made right for the purpose!

Set of Adobe Illustrator watercolor brushes. The main folder contains .ai and .eps files. All brushes were hand-drawn with watercolor on paper and then carefully scanned and converted into vector brushes.

Easily apply bold hand-drawn effects to your illustrations with a free Illustrator brush set of 24 marker pen brushes. Authentically sourced from real pens, they provide a variety of nib styles and sizes, ranging from thin outlining strokes to thick and messy scribbles.

These ink brushes for Illustrator are all brushes hand-made, from start to finish, from real ink strokes. The brushes are great to use for simple black-and-white sketches and graphics or they can also be used to give a handcrafted feel to the illustrations.

This is a collection of 150 premium and free hand-drawn Illustrator brushes for CS3 and higher. Inside you will find high-quality brushes that bring an organic hand-painted feel to your projects. They are great for using in illustrations and as separate design elements.

Give your illustrations an old etched or engraved appearance with a free Illustrator brush set. These brushes feature a variety of hand-drawn line patterns in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and cross-hatched orientations that can be used to apply shading to your digital drawings.

If you need a perfect Illustrator rope brush, this kit is right what you need to create themed illustrations and artworks. It includes 261 hand-drawn and easy to use rope brushes and some bonus objects.

Giving your art that loose, naive feel can be harder than it looks. The Doodle Brushes make this very easy as the line inconstancy and scribbled feel built into each brush. The pack includes zigzag, scribbled, wiggly and other doodle brushes for Illustrator.

This set includes 44 hand-drawn Illustrator pencil brushes, created using various pencil techniques. To use the brushes, simply choose a brush, select the brush tool and draw. The color and width of the strokes can be adjusted easily.

1950s Artist Brush Pack contains 19 seamless pattern brushes and 20 art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Inspired by 1950s illustrations, these brushes were drawn with ink, old brushes and fingers. You can use these brushes for vector paintings and line art too.

These handy brushes are ideal for creating vintage banners in Illustrator and Affinity Designer. They were designed to work in harmony with other Artifex Forge tools and are the perfect extra shortcut when putting together vintage designs and illustrations.

Save yourself hours with this handy design shortcut and start drawing single weight line art today! This huge and diverse selection features over 100 Adobe Illustrator brushes. And there are also over 100 decorative patterns are included.

The next freebie is this awesome hand-drawn rope brush for Adobe Illustrator CC. You can apply this brush to any path, as well as change the width and color of the rope. So perfect for your illustrations, embroidery and logos!

The Illustrator brushes in this free set are varied and versatile, allowing you to create a hand-drawn sketched look, as well as decorative borders, curls and doodle style illustrations. Hope you'll get as much use out of these as we do!

It's easy to find fantastic textured folds, creases and edges when browsing in second-hand shops, and they really add to the aesthetic of a design. Now, you can easily add on the years to enhance the retro realism of your work with this set of hyper-realistic brushes for Illustrator.

Are you looking for an easy way to create etching in vectors? So here's a bundle of 50 handmade etching brushes for Adobe Illustrator! They were created from real 16th century samples, that have been scanned and transformed into brushes, for the most authentic result.

You can create amazing artwork and designs using this bundle of Illustrator brushes. It includes 45 Gouache-inspired textured brushes that are ideal for giving a hand-crafted look to your illustrations.

If you want to add some stylish polygonal shapes to the background of your artworks or even create tech-themed graphic designs, these Photoshop brushes will come in handy. It includes 10 polygonal shape brushes as well as the shapes in PNG form.

This is a massive bundle of Photoshop brushes that every creative designer and artist should have in their arsenal. It includes 102 brushes you can use in your creative projects, along with masks, painting effects, color presets, and much more.

This bundle includes 21 creative Photoshop brushes that are perfect for crafting unique lettering art. The brushes come in pencil, spray, crayon, and other styles. They are also suitable for various other artworks, designs, and illustration work.

This bundle includes a set of unusual brushes that are designed for technical drawings. There are 50 brushes included in this pack that are compatible with both Photoshop and Illustrator. As well as Figma and Sketch.

This is a unique bundle of Illustrator brushes and patterns that allows you to create your own creative mosaic designs. With this kit, you can create illustrations, backgrounds, and various other artwork in mosaic style. What makes it even better is that the resources are designed with original Roman source material from the 4th Century AD.

This pack includes more than 150 stamps and brushes for Photoshop. It features 50 plant stamps, 100 fantasy brushes, 1 paper texture, and 35 female poses packed into one bundle. The brushes are compatible with Photoshop and Procreate.

This free Illustrator brushes pack is perfect for artists to create simple sketches with creative textures. It features 10 spray and 10 hatch brushes for giving your artworks a hand-drawn look and feel.

A massive bundle full of brushes and resources for designers and artists. This pack comes with lots of different design resources, including 280 stitch brushes along with layer styles, and 500 vector illustrations.

This bundle of creative Illustrator brushes is perfect for artists and designers for creating stylish illustrations that look like oil paintings. The pack comes with 50 different brushes with no-stretch pattern designs.

This is a unique brush pack that features a modern glass shape stroke design. These brushes are most suitable for crafting futuristic designs, patterns, and backgrounds. The bundle includes 10 different Photoshop brushes.

This pack of Illustrator brushes is made specifically for artists and illustrators who draw in retro and comic themes. The bundle includes 84 unique vintage brushes for drawing authentic retro artworks. It also comes with 4 Bitmap patterns, 2 grunge edge overlays, and a set of comic book layer styles.

Just as the name suggests, this bundle of Illustrator brushes is made for scribbling and scrawling. It comes with a set of brushes that gives a quirky look to your drawings and make them look as they were drawn by a child.

A massive bundle of 50 different brushes for all your doodling needs. This pack includes all types of doodling brushes you can use with your various illustration needs. All of the brushes in this pack are made with real pen and pencil scans.

This is a collection of high-quality watercolor style brushes for Illustrator. Each brush in this pack is handmade and comes in different styles, including watercolor dry brushes, strokes, realistic brushes, and more.

This pack includes 74 high-quality brushes that can be used for creating unique hand lettering designs of your own. It comes with brushes with various strokes, lengths, and thickness for crafting unique designs.

A pack of digital, ink, brush, and Asian calligraphy brushes for creating your designs with a touch of Asian inspiration. The brushes are ideal for everything from hand lettering to creating patterns and more.

The natural and pressure sensitive shades brushes in this pack are ideal for every illustrator and designer for adding shades, textures, and even adding a handmade look to your designs. It comes with 40 resizable brushes.

A set of brushes you can use for different types of technical drawings and sketches, like blueprints, maps, and architectural drawings. The bundle includes over 50 unique brushes and 5 bonus patterns.

This two-in-one bundle of brushes and vectors feature 59 chalk brushes, 2 chalkboard textures, and 50 more chalkboard elements, everything you need to design a cool chalkboard illustration or an artwork.

A set of fun and entertaining doodle brushes. Best for crafting all your fun designs, including sketches for kids, illustrations, comics, and more. The pack includes 11 zigzag doodle brushes, 11 simple doodle brushes, 23 scribbled doodle brushes, and more.

This bundle of 67 painted canvas brushes is designed for adding texture, depth, edge, and decorations for your designs. It features sets of different angled, narrow, messy, and many other painted canvas brushes.

A set of handmade brushes featuring various styles for all your texture building design work. The brushes in this pack are easy to use and will fit most types of graphic design, digital art, and illustration works.


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