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Dahek Version 2012 Movies: How a Hindu-Muslim Love Story Set the Screen on Fire

Dahek Version 2012 Movies: A Review of the Bollywood Romance Film

Dahek Version 2012 Movies is a Hindi-language romance film that was released in 1999. It was directed by Lateef Binni and starred Akshaye Khanna and Sonali Bendre as the lead pair. The film deals with love between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl who face opposition from their families and society. It is a remake of a Tamil film called Bombay that was released in 1995.

Dahek version 2012 movies


In this article, I will review Dahek Version 2012 Movies in terms of its story, production, reception, and comparison with other films. I will also provide some FAQs about the film at the end. b70169992d


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