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Unlike the classicism that prevailed in Ancient Greece and Rome, American history began with a notable rejection of this trend of "grand narrative". Paul Johnson defines himself "as an anti-imperialist to the core", which explains why he sees his task as documenting the "great community of ordinary people, united in common purpose, striving for equality, against a ruling class of plutocrats, bureaucracy, and politicians". To achieve this goal, Paul Johnson prefers to start from the "middle ground", from which the "elevation" of the elites can be explained. Hence, the common people must be understood as the natural and rightful beneficiaries of political, social, economic and personal freedoms. This freedom was increasingly won through the struggle of organized labor and the women's suffrage movement, as well as with the aid of widespread anti-corporate activism. What this means is that the American history is a history of a community which was divided by a struggle between two groups of people: the rich and the poor. This community reached its highest point with the American Revolution, which brought in large part the benefit of freedom, educational opportunities, social security, and a well-paid work, but also created major problems for the American society, namely: injustice and corruption.

Paul Johnson Intellectuals Epub Download Free

Following the rise of democracy in the mid-19th century, elite groups increasingly began to believe that their status was threatened by the growing influence of the common people. The tensions between the two groups escalated with the Industrial Revolution. This development, according to Paul Johnson, resulted in the creation of "middle class" which found a united voice for the first time, as a group of Americans who wanted to increase their educational and professional skills and achieve a material status similar to that of elite groups. These conflicts between the two groups of people, between elites and commoners, and thus the class struggle that is the heart of Paul Johnsons interpretation of the American history, are a strong point of Paul Johnsons A History of the American People.


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