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Christopher Long

[S1E13] The Brink Of Disaster ~UPD~

As everyone prepares to send Sonic and his friends back home, Passer watches the President giving a speech on TV wishing them a safe journey and thanking them for their acts of courage and heroism. Passer turns off the TV in disgust and begins ranting about how the President is weak and Sonic and his Freedom Movement are turning everybody into "peace-niks". One of Passer's spies soon calls to inform him that Eggman is working along with the military and warns him that it might be an attack in progress. Paranoid and determined to defeat the doctor, Passer dispatches a whole army of G.U.N. robots to attack Eggman, and when he sees Sonic defending him, he calls him a traitor and attacks him as well. He charges his men with protecting the President from Sonic and his allies, but Rouge and Knuckles easily defeat them, as Passer is finally arrested by the police. As Passer is taken away, he tells the police to tell the President that he regrets nothing and that the country used to be strong, but now it is on the brink of disaster because of him and his support for Sonic.[1]

[S1E13] The Brink of Disaster



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