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Kakegurui Twin

Being a common theme with spin-offs, the introduction of Kakegurui twins is eerily similar to its pilot series Kakegurui. In the same way Yumeko joins the school and enters a gambling game to free her friend who was made into a housepet, Mary Satome does the same for her friend Tsuzura Hanatemari. However, from there we see the difference. The show keeps the same aesthetic and appeal of the original in the trailer, but Mary uses different tactics from Yumeko. While Yumeko, like other anime protagonist, won't stoop to dishonorable tactics, Mary is not above cheating and uses every advantage she can to win in these gambling games. We get that sense in the show as she develops a group of allies to assist her rise to power. Also interesting is how Tsuzura Hanatemari has yet to appear in the mainline series, leading us to believe she is no longer at the academy. The only mention of her is Mary clutching the hairpin that belonged to Tsuzura.

Kakegurui Twin

Mary Saotome may be more of a supporting character in Kakegurui so far, but that hasn't impeded her popularity among fans, particularly since she is taking a lead in the current presidential elections. What is probably most intriguing is how invested Kirari's twin sister, Ririka Momobami, is in Mary's success, whose support quite frankly came out of nowhere. Ririka is clearly invested in Mary's awe-inspiring skills and whether acting on her own accord or following Kirari's orders, Ririka's presence by her side is a grand statement in itself.

It's a year before Yumeko transferred to Hyakkaou Academy. Saotome Meari, a young girl who was born into a very ordinary family, passed her transfer examinations, and has started to attend Hyakkaou. However, the school she expected to attend has a crazy law, the Baptism of Gambling. Paired with Yumeko as her "twin," the curtain opens on Meari's gambling mania! 041b061a72


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