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Buy Molex Connectors

Molex was established in 1938 by Frederick Krehbiel.[5] The company began by making flowerpots out of an industrial byproduct plastic called Molex. Krehbiel developed this material by combining asbestos tailings, coal tar pitch, and limestone.[4] Aside from flower pots, Molex also sold salt shakers before it expanded into electrical connectors and sensors.[5] Later they made connectors for General Electric and other appliance manufacturers out of the same plastic.[6] Molex acquired Woodhead Industries in 2006;[7] the largest acquisition in the former's history at the time.

buy molex connectors


Molex Easy-On FFC/FPC One-Touch Connectors feature single-step mating with an auto lock-nail mechanism and high retention force for reliable connection and easy operation. These connectors offer a visible release button for easy FFC/FPC cable release operation and a lock-nail system that ensures FFC/FPC cable connection by high-retention force. The easy-on FFC/FPC connectors have an insulation resistance of 50MΩ, a dielectric withstanding voltage of 125VAC, and operates at a temperature of up to 125C. These connectors are ideal for use in connected mobility, car IoT infotainment, assembly automation, PCB servers, smart appliances, and LED (OLED) displays.

The Ultra-Fit range is part of the family of Molex Fit power connectors for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations and offers space-saving sizes, cutting-edge current density and long-term reliability.

  • About this item This adapter cable converts a 4 pin molex male connector to a 6 pin PCI Express female power connector.

  • Many new PCI-Express video cards require the use of a new 6-Pin connector to power the onboard video processor directly from the system's power supply.

  • Compatible with any nVidia or ATI, AMD video card with 6PIN power connectors.

  • Connector A : 4-Pin Molex Male, Connector B : 6-Pin PCI-E Female

  • Note: Wire colour can be different from the picture as item will be supplied as per stock. if you have specified color requirement then please contact us before placing an order.



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