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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

Where To Buy Arm Candy Bracelets !!HOT!!

Classy, stackable cable bracelets are pure arm candy! Exceptional quality, including a magnetic closure, these stunners are hypoallergenic and boast three micro-pavé stations on stainless steel cable, hand brushed with rhodium and yellow gold.

where to buy arm candy bracelets


Launched just two summers ago, the Pisa Bracelet quickly became a BaubleBar best-seller, with over 300,000 (and counting) pieces sold. The bangle is made of shiny gold balls in various sizes, and when it's stacked with multiple bracelets, you create a layered look that's completely unique to your style. Although it normally costs $30, today the Pisa bracelet is over half off for Black Friday, coming in at just $10 a pop. In other words, this is a total steal you should hop on, stat. 041b061a72


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