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Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018: The Best Deal for Game Developers in 2018

as always, that is an outstanding gathering of unity assets.. and I can see all of them at the latest version too !!!!is it possible to see a torrent file? because I do not have any premium account at these sites

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018

Note: This tool is an unsupported utility. Viewing extremely large asset bundles can lead to slow performance and memory issues. The Github repository linked from this page contains the latest source code and supersedes any other sources.

The annual Unity Mega Bundle is on right now, a collection of Unity assets bundle together with savings up to 95% off. The Bundle is organized into tiers, where higher dollar value tiers include all the tiers below it. The Mega Bundle tiers include:

The first new asset type now available to asset bundles is custom music and sound effects. It was already possible to inject custom sound and music into the game, but this means whole new music mods can be added as a single .dfmod package. TheLacus is also working on movie import for this feature, so one day it will be possible to import new movies from asset bundles as well.

Once you will click on BuildAssetBundle as shown in above image, asset bundles will be generated in AssetBundles directory. Make sure that you have created AssetBundles directory in Assets folder, before generating asset bundles.

Hi Suresh, You can load asset bundles using WWW class. Either you can load asset bundle from server or from local data path. Please refer my below given article for more details. -asset-bundle-in-unity3d/


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