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Load.arc 2 Resident Evil 6

Enemies, PNJ's and vehicles em1000 - China Javoem1100 - well dressed javo em1200 - Snowstorm Javo em1370 - Chrysalid em1400 - lost planet javoem2000 - Glava-Sluzem2010 - Glava-Smechem2020 - Glava-Begunatsem2030 - Glava-Dimem2100 - Ruka-Srpem2120 - Ruka-Khvatanjeem2140 - Ruka-Bedemem2200 - Noga-Trchanjeem2210 - Noga-Letem2220 - Noga-Skakanjeem2230 - Noga-Oklopem2300 - Telo-Eksplozijaem2310 - Telo-Krljushtem2320 - Telo-Maglaem3000 - Lizard thing which fires needles em3100 - Mesets (snowstorm birds) em3200 - Napad (secret enemy in s1102, big armoured mutation) em3300 - Beesem3300 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).em3301 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).em3310 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).em3320 - Gnezdo, queen bee.em3700 - L4D2 Tankem3800 - L4D2 Witchem4100 - Lepotista (Boss enemy you encounter in cathedral)em4200- Brzarkem4300 - Chainsaw bossem4400 - Iluzijaem4400_s504 - Iluzija (Always visible shader version?).em4500 - Deborah? em4700 - Rasklapanjeem4701 - Rasklapanje's upper body.em4710 - Rasklapanje's Right hand.em4720 - Rasklapanje's Left hand.em4730 - Rasklapanje's Waist's guts? (upper?)em4731 - Rasklapanje's Waist's guts? (bottom?)em4732 - Rasklapanje's Wrist's guts? (right?)em4733 - Rasklapanje's Wrist's guts? (left?)em4800 - Ogroman (4000 health in requiem)em5000 - Zombiesem5000 - Male Citizen Zombies.em5000 Axe - The Axe object alone.em5000 Base - (no model inside).em5000 Bomb - A grenade object.em5000 Cap - A cap object.em5000 CataAxe - An antique Axe from Catacombs.em5000 Catch - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Citizen - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Dummy - Some Bloodshot creatures?em5000 Eye - The rubi eye of Ada Chapter 2.em5000 FakeDead - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Fire - No modelem5000 Geo - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Hatchet - Sword (Something like a Machete).em5000 Helmet - Yellow Helmet with glass visor (Firemen?).em5000 Helmet Light - Yellow Helmet with light (Worker?).em5000 KKnife - A Knife object.em5000 Pipe - A Pipe object.em5000 Tooth - The golden tooth of Ada Chapter 2.em5000 Vest - A belt vest with several grenades attached.em5000 Weapon - No model, there are only some animations.em5005 - em5000 but with 2 dead human face textures. (palid skin)em5010 - Female Citizen Zombies.em5015 - em5030 - Formal male human.em5031 - Formal male human zombie.em5035 - Formal female human.em5036 - Formal female zombieem5050 - BSAA zombieem5060 - BSAA zombie (I don't know the differencies with em5050 yet).em5070 - Male zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5071 - Male zombe/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5075 - Male zombe/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5080 - Female zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5081 - Female zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5085 - Female zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5100 - Male civilian em5110 - Female civilian em5120 - Male zombie/humans? (Similar mesh to the em5000 but with less files).em5120Base - No Model, just animations and things for male humans PNJ's.em5130 - Female humans (Similar mesh to the em5010 but with less files).em5140 - Hunnigan (cutscene only)em5150 - President ADAM (cutscene only) em5160 - Zombie president em5170 - Scientist human.em5171 - Scientist zombie.em5180 - Human cops. (it also contain a different texture which I think, is the rookie cop).em5181 - Police zombie em5190 -Human Fireman.em5191 - Fireman zombie (800 health in urban chaos) em5200 - Zombie/Human? chineese with suits outfits (as zombies of Quad Tower roof).em5210 - Chinese Female Zombies.em5300 - It has the em 5200. (Chinese formal male).em5301 - It has the em 5300: Male formal pnj.em5310 - Chinese Female Human.em5311 - It's a copy of the 5310em5320 - Female UN hostage of the 6th floorem5330 - Female UN hostage of the 1st floorem5340 - Male UN hostage of the 7th floorem5350 - Policemen (human) (the body is the same than em5180)em5351 - Policemen (zombies) (the body is the same than em5180)em5400 - Catacomb Zombiesem5420 - Female zombie?em5450 - Civillians (The Chinese guy and the owner of the weapon store?)em5451 - The survivor policeman of the weapon store. (i remembered him more slim O.ò).em5452 - It's a copy of the 5450em5453 - It's a copy of the 5450em5454 - It's a copy of the 5450em5455 - The survivor red haired girl from the weapon store.em5456 - Man with the keycard in the mines (Jake chapter 2)em5457 - Woman of the underground train (Peter's wife/mother).em5458 - Liz's father.em5459 - Liz's head (human) (her body is one from the generic em5110)em5460 - Liz's ponytailem5461 - I't a copy of the 5455.em5462 - It's a copy of the 5450. em5490 - It's a copy of the 5400. Catacomb Zombies (aaarl, There you are >D , thanks god that I decided start by the end XD)em5499 - Child of the Secret Epilogueem5500 - Shriekerem5600 - whopperem5700 - zombie dog (default health is 120 in urban chaos) Em5800 - Europe BSAA SoldiersEm5810 - Finn MacauleyEm5810Head - Finn's Head model and texturesEm5900 - Asia BSAA SoldiersEm5910 - Marco, Chapter 3 soldier that dies from C-virus shotEm5913Head - Marco's head model and texturesEm5911 - Keaton First soldier that dies from snake BOW in Chapter 3.Em5911Head - Keaton's Head model. despite having a balcalva on in the game he has a face texture and that might ean you can remove the balcalva from his head model. i don't have 3ds max so i don't know for sure.Em5912 - Reid. he doesn't have a seperate head model because he shares it with the default BSAA SoldiersEm5913 - Jeff. Last soldier to die from the snake BOW. he has a shotgun unlike all the other soldiersEm5913Head - Jeff's head model and textures.em6000 - Simmons (train form?)em6040 - Human infected Simmons with cuts (body)em6040 Head - Human infected Simmons with cuts (head)em7000 - Ustanak em7010 - Ustanak's arm (Predator standard hook).em7011 - Ustanak's arm (Needles from Jake's chapter 1).em7015 - Ustanak's arm (Similar mesh than em7010). (Jake's chapter 1 on the plane?).em7020 - Ustanak's arm (Gatling Gun from Jake's chapter 1 ending).em7030 - Ustanak's arm (Drill from Jake's chapter 2).em7040 - Ustanak's cage for Jake. (From Leon and Jake crossover).em7045 - Ustanak's cage for Jake. (Similar mesh than em7045).em7050 - Ustanak's arm (Shotgun from Leon and Jake crossover).em7055 - Ustanak's arm (Similar mesh than em7055).em7060 - Ustanak's arm (Spike ball).em7070 - Ustanak's arm (Claws). (I don't remember this one, maybe in the battle against Jake at the end? em7100 - There are not model inside, just several files which I don't recognize... (maybe something related with characters positions when are grabbed by Ustanak?).em7200 - Other file with any camera info.em7300 - Cameras and an instace of the em7400em7400 - Ustanak with stomach wound (i.e. Ustanak after Jake's chapter 2 drills battle).em7500 - Ustanak burnt (Jake's chapter 5).em7600 - Ustanak clean (Similar mesh than em7000Base).em7900 - Ustanak's Okos.em8000 - HAOS(There are several files of HAOS em80_ _.arc, they looks cotains similar models and textures, but surely will react differently in a model swap).em8100 Carla's mutant clone.em8105 (Inside of em8100 and em8100SporeBase) Carla's mutant clone's birth egg.em8200 - Carla (cutscene only)em9000 - rats? em9020 - dummy?em9908 - snowmobile

Load.arc 2 Resident Evil 6


Leon:e1000 - Death of a President (s1100)e1370 - Survivor (s0104)e1375 - Liz's Death (s0104)e1380 - Out of Time (s0104)e1010 - Underground Nightmare (s0101)e1040 - Bus Escape (s0210)e1045 - Tragic Accident (s0210)e1050 - Tall Oaks Cathedral (s0201)e1060 - From Whence Hell Came (s0201)e1070 - Ada's Birth (s0202)e1080 - Sororal Reunion (s0279)e1090 - Deborah's Transformation (s0203)e1100 - Fearsome Foe (s0203)e1105 - Derek Enters the Stage (s0203)e1110 - To China (s01152)e1120 - Cocoon in the Cockpit (s0552)e5110 - Plane Crash (pre-rendered)e1140 - Raccoon City Reunion (s0510)e1150 - Separated (s0510)e1160 - Chasing Down Ada (s0512)e1170 - Leon vs. Chris (s0512)e1180 - Derek's True Nature (s1151)e1190 - Final Showdown with Derek Simmons (s0514)e1200 - Abandoned (s0514)e1210 - Emergency Situation (s0700)e1215 - Leon and Chris' Conversation (s0770)e1320 - Life or Death (s0771)e1230 - Zombie Wasteland (s0701)e1340 - We're Not Done Yet (s0771)e1350 - Ingrid Hunnigan (s0771)e1360 - Time for a New Pilot (s0771)e1330 - It's Only Going to Get Worse (s0771)e1240 - You Won't Be Missed (s0706)e1250 - To the Roof (s0706)e1260 - Sudden Stop (s0702)e1270 - The Ties That Bind (s0702)e1280 - Final Battle (s0773)e1290 - End of an Enemy (s0773)e1300 - Escape from the Tower (s0773)e1310 - Trouble with Women (S1102)Chris:e2030 - Eastern Europe, Six Months Ago (s0300)e2040 - Urban Warfare (s0302)e2050 - Seizing the city (s0302)e2060 - Enter Ada Wong (s0303)e2070 - Ada's Trap (s0303)e2000 - Fallen Hero (s1110)e2010 - Mutations (s0501)e2020 - Cocoons (s0503)e2080 - Quiet Anger (s0504)e2090 - Battle in Poisawan (s0506)e2100 - Chopper Attack (s0506)e2110 - Unseen Enemy (s0507)e2115 - Danger Zone (s0507)e2120 - Ada's Cruelty (s0507)e2130 - Conflict (s0507)e2140 - Chasing Down Ada (s0512)e2150 - Leon vs. Chris (s0512)e2160 - Declaration of Victory (s0800)e2170 - Ada's Demise? (s0801)e2190 - Deadly Missiles (s0851)e2195 - Leon and Chris' Conversation (s0770)e2220 - The Longest Elevator (s1112)e2230 - Remote Rescue (s0901)e2240 - Blood Ties (s0902)e2260 - The Cocoon Hatches! (s0902)e2270 - Destruction of the Underwater Facility (s0972)e2280 - Close Call! (s0903)e2300 - The Last Weapon (s0973)e2310 - Goodbye, Piers (s1111)e2320 - The War Isn't Over (s1110)Jake:e3000 - Boy Meets Girl (s1101)e3010 - Sherry's Mission (s0304)e3020 - Ustanak, the Tracker (s0305)e3040 - Urban Warfare (s0302)e3050 - Seizing the City (s0302)e3060 - Contract Concluded (s0306)e3070 - Sherry's Unique Ability (s0400)e3080 - Mountain Retreat (s0401)e3090 - It's Always Something (s0402)e3100 - China, Six Months Later (s0600)e3110 - Sherry's Great Escape (s0600)e3120 - Six-Month Reunion (s0600)e3125 - Six-Month Reunion (Sherry) (s0600)e3130 - The Computer Room (s0601)e3135 - Speeding Bike (s0551)e3140 - Battle in Poisawan (s0506)e3150 - Chopper Attack (s0506)e3170 - Raccoon City Reunion (s0510)e3180 - Separated (s0510)e3190 - To the Boat (s0578)e3200 - Ubistvo Defeated (s0578)e3210 - Derek's True Nature (s1151)e3220 - Worry (s0904)e3230 - Blood Ties (s0902)e3250 - The Cocoon Hatches (s0902)e3260 - Ustanak Immolated (s0905)e3270 - Good Riddance (s0905)e3290 - The Bullet of Destiny (s0950)e3295 - No More Running (s0950)e3300 - A Promise and a Goodbye (s1120)Ada:e4000 - The Submarine (s1130)e4040 - Ada Takes Action (s1003)e4050 - Deborah's Transformation (s0203)e4060 - Fearsome Foe (s0203)e4070 - A Trip to China (s0272)e4090 - Monster in a China Shop (s0509)e4110 - To the Boat (s0578)e4120 - Ubistvo Defeated (s0578)e4130 - Derek's Goal (s0871)e4140 - Ada vs. Ada (s0871)e4150 - Leaving the Aircraft Carrier (s0871)e4160 - Zombie Wasteland (s0751)e4165 - You Won't Be Missed (s0706)e4170 - To the Roof (s0706)e4180 - Someone Needs a Rescue (s0702)e4190 - The Ties that Bind (s0702)e4200 - Ada's Smile (s0705)e4210 - New Purpose (s1140)


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